An Auction Site for Used Gold Mining Equipment

This is an old fashioned gold pan that is still in use today.

What this country has needed for a long time is a good nickel cigar, or a place where you can buy and sell used mining and prospecting equipment in a single website. We may wait quiet while for a nickel cigar, but there is now a website where you can buy and sell used Gold Mining equipment in an auction. The name of the new service is prospecting -- that can be reached at:

They bill themselves as the 1st auction site on the net for gold prospecting gear. They have all equipment, tools, supplies and gear. Be sure you check their gold giveaway page for the latest thing in giveaways. Another page on the site is about gold-mining info and metal detector manuals. The site also contains equipment reviews and free plans for building your own gold-mining and prospecting equipment.