John Angus Carter School of Prospecting: Module #1

We are pleased to announce our new online modules about prospecting that are capable of being used over the entire world to learn how to be an effective prospector and miner of gold and other valuable minerals including gemstones.  There is going to be a series of these modules offered at the reasonable cost of US$10.00 per module.  The first of these modules is, “What is Placer Gold and where it’s Found.

In addition to our prospectors school we are also available as a speaker within a radius of 100 miles around Barkhamsted Connecticut including Boston and New York City on gold mining and prospecting.

All the modules will be presented in Microsoft PowerPoint and will be emailed to you as attachments.  They will be opened in PowerPoint that is a regular part of MS Office or in Open Office Presentation.

The first of the modules is about finding placer gold that is sometimes called, “Poor man’s gold” and the environments where it’s found.  The module is well illustrated with accompanying text.  Like all modules its price is US$10.00.  The modules can be paid for with credit card, money order or via PayPal.  The module will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt.

If you want to mail us a money order for your module the address is

John Carter
11 Meeting House Rd.
Barkhamsted, CT 06063

You can order the modules from this list: